What Is The Use Of A CPAP Mask?

The most common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is the continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP therapy. This therapy makes use of a CPAP machine which introduces pressurized air down your windpipe to keep it open when you are asleep. You can access the pressurized air through a CPAP mask.

Choosing a suitable mask is very important in ensuring the success of your CPAP therapy. The Resmed CPAP mask is designed to give you comfort as well as a good seal to ensure that your therapy is effective.

Characteristics Of A CPAP Mask

The parts of the CPAP mask that come into contact with your skin are padded using a variety of materials including gel, silicon, and cloth. You should wipe these areas of your mask daily with a damp cloth to get rid of oils, dead skin and other dirt. The mask has headgear which is used to keep it from slipping off during therapy.

Masks normally come with cushions of different sizes so that you can try them out to get the perfect fit. A mask that does not fit right will cause the pressurized air to leak thus affecting the effectiveness of the therapy. If you over tighten your mask, you are likely to wake up with marks on your face and air leakage may take place. You should ensure that the tube that you use fits tightly to the mask.

Are CPAP Masks Uncomfortable?

As long as your CPAP mask fits properly and is made from a material that does not irritate your face, then it is likely to be comfortable. For instance, the full face Resmed CPAP mask has an Infinity Seal that is soft to the skin and creates a good seal. The mask takes up the shape of your face and accommodates your movements during therapy.

Wearing and disconnecting your headgear is simple as the mask is designed with magnetic clips. If you feel that the mask is not comfortable, you can adjust the cushions and straps until you get the right fit. You may need to get a different size of the mask if you gain or lose weight. Your doctor may also need to change the settings of your machine since a change in weight is known to change the severity of sleep apnea.

Using Nasal Masks

A nasal mask covers your nose and has a triangular shape. The pressurized air from the CPAP machine is transmitted to the area around your nose that is covered by the mask. You then breathe in this air which is not directly transmitted to your nose thus making it comfortable to breathe in.

The nasal Resmed CPAP mask is small in size and does not obstruct your vision. You can read a book or watch television with the mask on before falling asleep. It also has the Infinity Seal cushion made from silicone which produces a good seal no matter the shape and size of your face.

Nasal Direct Mask

The nasal direct mask has two pillows which are fitted at the edge of the nostrils. The nasal direct Resmed CPAP mask has very little contact with your face. A fluid is used to inflate it so that it fits snugly into your nostrils.